Private HNW Events

Our Offering

Working with selected luxury brands, we create small focused events sending hand picked invites to UHNW & HNW guests
who will best engage with the brand to help them effectively reach their key target audience.

Build personal relationships and loyalty with HNW/UHNW consumers

Effective bespoke events

Cost effective with high ROI

Direct reach to key target audiences

Invite selected UHNW/HNW to flagship events globally e.g fashion shows, car launches

Targeted marketing strategy prior to invitations being sent

Our success has been built on our ability to focus on strong client relations whilst delivering the latest creative ideas and technology in events.

We are able to effectively create exclusive luxury brand events in the following markets:
For exceptional global events such as leading fashion shows and high jewelry events, Etiquette is in the position to hand select clients for luxury
brands who wish to invite UHNW clients to their event. Each client’s profile would be approved by the brand before the invite was sent.

OUR Platforms

Etiquette is a full fledged platform providing marketing, sales, PR and advertising solutions to luxury brands across the Middle East

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